Rock On
Useful links to things we like.
John Hawks weblog - one of the best sources for professional commentary on subjects of
paleoanthropology, genetics and evolutionary biology.

Bioanthropology News on Facebook - a great source for up-to the-minute news on topics
related to anthropology, evolution, genetics and paleoanthropology.

Scientific American Blogs -current information on topical stories in all areas of science.  In
particular we often follow Kate Wong whom often comments on evolution stories. They featured sediba on the
cover of the April 2012 edition.

Australopithecus sediba on Facebook - enough said!  Keep up-to-date with news about sediba
finds and the Malapa site!

Explorers pages on National Geographic - where you can meet all of the Society's explorers and
follow their adventures!  

National Geographic Kids online - great resources on everything science, adventure and exploration!

Human Origins at the Smithsonian - a great and trusted resource on all topics human origins related.