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Hi, I'm Marc Aronson. I often feel I have the best job in the world. I get to go meet people like Dr.
Berger who are at the very forefront of science, or archaelogy, or history. I talk with those
explorers, those people who love the adventure of discovering all of the hidden byways of history.
And then I work with them to write down their stories and pass them along to you. So if I am not
with Dr. Berger walking through the Cradle of Humankind, or at my desk writing, I am in schools
talking with you. I'm here on this site, then, as a kind of translator and faithful guide. I am Dr.
Watson to his Sherlock Holmes. So when Dr. Berger hands me a new scientific paper, fresh
from the lab, I will "translate" it here. I suspect that often my questions -- about scientific terms
and processes, about the nature and meaning of discoveries -- will be your questions. But if
there is something I have not explained, or that you want to know more about, write to me, let me
know. In a sense my role here is similar to yours when your teacher asks you to write a research
report. I have to gather material, evaluate it, and pass it on. Only I am getting that material directly
from the explorers in the field. If you have questions about research and writing I will try to
answer those as well -- if I have time after shaking the mud off of my boots.

Posted by Marc May 12th 2012